Card of the Day – May 15, 2014


The Peacekeeper – 39

The kind and gentle face of The Peacekeeper mirrors the peacekeeper that lives inside of you. Either it’s always been in your nature to act as a peacekeeper, or you’ve recently assumed this challenging new role out of necessity – to keep the peace among the people you coexist with. Do the best you can to encourage peaceful attitudes and to maintain the stance that you do – good for you for not engaging in destructive or negative tug-of-war struggles with others. At the same time, understand that situations involving conflicting sides can’t always be simmered down. You can make suggestions and point out ways to compromise, but if neither party budges or if you just plain feel like you’re caught in the middle – tell yourself it’s time to walk away.

The Peacekeeper card also encourages you to let go of old grudges and consider making amends. If you’re at odds with someone that you care about, consider letting bygones be bygones. The Peacekeeper understands that while you might be able to forgive someone, it might not be so easy to forget. That’s okay. Making amends doesn’t mean that things have to go back to the way they were. Sometimes they can’t or it’s not healthy for that to happen. The Peacekeeper asks you, though, to forgive, let go, and move on.

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Lingen Small


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