Card of the Day – May 16, 2014


Queen of Hearts – 28

The Queen of Hearts is the queen of love, passion, and romance – ruler of relationships. Always concerned with the best interest of your heart, she appears when a new love relationship is just around the corner. Your heart is ready to give and receive, so it’s okay to let your guard down. This is a time for sparks to fly and passion to abound…so embrace it! Although the Queen of Hearts brings you good news, she wants to give you some heartfelt wisdom, too. Romantic relationships come with ups and downs – that’s how you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Some partners may turn out to be the wrong ones, but each one will teach you something that will prove to be invaluable when you finally find the right one.

If you’re already in a relationship, it’s time rekindle the passion and fall in love all over again.  Don’t just assume that they know how much you love them. The Queen of Hearts urges you to tell them and show them.

If you’ve been experiencing a drought in the land we call “love,” The Queen encourages you to look inward. Some self-love needs to take place. When you can be comfortable and happy with yourself alone, you’ll be ready to love someone else and accept their love in return. This advice can apply to someone in a committed relationship, too. If you love you, someone else will want to love you, too.

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Lingen Small


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