Card of the Day – May 19, 2014


The Multi-Tasker – 24

The Multi-Tasker appears here as an octopus, eight tentacles to help her complete as much as she can and all at once. The master multi-tasker, this guide has come to you today because like her, you are blessed with the awesome ability to multi-task like nobody’s business, too! With plenty of tasks to tend to, you manage to care for your loved ones, keep the homestead up and running, earn a living, and extend your time to extracurricular activities and events as well. You thrive on busy, whether you like or not. The Multi-Tasker wants to let you in on a little secret, though. Be careful. Too much going on at once can leave your busy octopus body sitting in a pool of ink.

Sometimes you have to set a limit when it comes to how many responsibilities you’re going to handle at once. When you take on too much, it’s only a matter of time before you become stressed, resentful, and just plain burnt-out. If you can’t or don’t want to do something, politely say “no” and don’t feel guilty about it. Do the things you need to do, but drop extra weight that you just don’t need. You’ll find that by doing so, you’ll feel lighter, happier, and healthier because you’ll have some time leftover to devote to you!

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Lingen Small


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