Card of the Day – May 28, 2014


Intuition – 23

The psychic abilities that you’ve harbored within you since birth are being awakened or developed – whether you realize it at the conscious level or not. Whenever you experience a “gut feeling” or you get a “vibe” – pay attention. This is your Intuition speaking to you. The tricks to developing accuracy when it comes to Intuition are listening closely to your senses and interpreting that information without judgment or jumping to premature conclusions. Encourage the development of your psychic abilities by working with oracle cards, utilizing crystals at the Third Eye Chakra, or practicing visualizing techniques that help exercise your Intuition.

Sometimes the Intuition card may appear because there’s something blocking your Third Eye. Perhaps you’re not following your gut instincts, or even worse – you’re ignoring them entirely. When this occurs, your judgment often becomes impaired and it’s all too easy to give in to pressure, make poor decisions, or find yourself caught up in risky or even dangerous situations. Hindered Intuition can also cause you to simply read into things too much. If this is happening to you, you’re probably overanalyzing everything and everyone around you. If you have an intuitive block that’s causing either one or both of these scenarios, it’s time to remove it for good. Visualize Universal white light entering in through the Crown Chakra and flowing down into the Third Eye, cleansing it of all impurities. You may also try clearing your Third Eye by lying down somewhere comfortable and placing a small crystal on that Chakra center for several minutes. Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Halite, or a clear Quartz crystal work beautifully for this simple exercise.


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