Card of the Week – October 20, 2014



From The Watchful Eye Oracle by Kelly Lingen

Wish – 34

When you draw the Wish card from the deck, everything you need to know about its message you’ll find right before your very eyes. Make a wish and believe in it. This is what you really want and you have to make that clear to the Universe. While it would be really cool if we could wish crazy, impossible things to life – that just isn’t going to happen. So when you make your wish, make it one you really can believe in. Now ready, set, wish!

Reversed: This card has no reversal.


Copyright © 2014  Kelly Lingen


Card of the Day – October 2, 2014


Winds of Change – 21

You’ve noticed a change in the air and you’re not sure what to make of it. Is it just a light breeze, or is there a storm coming? When the winds start to change direction, it’s not unusual for panic to set in. It’s important to remember, though, that not all change is bad. Before you get all bent out of shape about the way the wind is blowing, take a closer look at the forecast. If change is approaching, there’s a good change you’ve had some warning. And if you haven’t – you’ll deal with it when the time comes. Change often takes place when it’s needed most, even if we don’t see it that way at first. Relationships, jobs, moves, births, deaths…these are all types of change and you’ll most likely encounter one or more of them at some time or another in your lifetime. You’ve chosen this card because the Winds of Change are headed in your direction or have possibly already struck. If that’s the case, focus on the positive aspects of this new chapter in your life. Perhaps you’ve already welcomed change with open arms – or maybe you’ve yet to accept that which is unfamiliar. Either way, recognize that it’s a necessary part of life. Without it we cannot grow.

There is no reversal for this card. 


Color: Blue, White

Crystal: Angelite, Labradorite, Clear Quartz

Essential Oil: Rosewood