Kelly Lingen at the NAMI Healing Art Show!


As part of Mental Illness Awareness week, NAMI of Wisconsin held its 9th annual Healing Art Show last week (10/2/15). A couple of months prior to the event, artists (professional or amateur) who had at some time in their lives been diagnosed with a mental illness could submit artwork in hopes of having it shown. 40 artists from around the state of Wisconsin were chosen…and guess what?! I made it! I submitted three pieces (clockwise from left in the pictures above: Moody Artist, Demons, Bright In-sight Collage). There were many talented artists at the show, and so many interesting, colorful, and heartfelt pieces to look at. I attended the opening night of the show with my family and we all really enjoyed it! I’m very grateful for such a wonderful experience!

Copyright © 2015 Lingen Oracles


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