Enchanted Forecast May 30th – June 4th 2016

IMG_20160530_190311The Enchanted Forecast comes to you this week from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies deck. Your week ahead is looking good! Here’s what you need to know:

IMG_20160530_190407Trust Your Intuition: We are all born with the gift of intuition, but many people forget to use it. It’s not common, in fact, to leave that special sixth sense somewhere back in childhood, forgetting it altogether. Psychic awareness doesn’t disappear that easy, though – it’s always a close distance behind you, waiting for you to call on it. You know those gut feelings you get every once in a while? A voice from somewhere deep inside that gently whispers to you some insight? Well that’s your intuition speaking to you, reminding you it’s there if only you will use it! This week pay attention to your gut feelings and your first instincts when you’re confronted with making decisions or dealing with particularly difficult people or situations. The answers to life’s challenges lie within you, if only you will trust yourself. You know what’s right and what isn’t. It’s up to you to make good decisions once you’ve listened to that inner voice.

IMG_20160530_190505Environmental Awareness: Your personal fairy guides want you to know that they need your help. If you haven’t been hearing their cries for assistance, let this card be their voices! Make a commitment to the environment, Earth and her inhabitants, by implementing some changes this week that will help Mother Nature. If you haven’t been very good about recycling – perhaps make that a priority this week. Take your own bags to the grocery store instead of taking new ones you don’t need. Go for a walk and pick up litter that you see lying on the ground. Do something kind for nature and the animals this week and you will be blessed by your elemental friends!

IMG_20160530_190550New Location: Make time this week to go somewhere you’ve never been before! If you’ve been spending too much time indoors, go outside. Check out your local botanical garden, try a new hiking/biking trail, or visit an interesting landmark (Cave of the Mounds near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, would be a great place to visit for those of you who live in my neck of the woods!). Put away your mobile phones and gadgets for a day and plan a fun adventure. You don’t have to go too far to discover a new, exciting place!


Have a magical week! -KellyFairyologist-logo

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Intuitive Fairy Readings Available Now!


I am a self-proclaimed oracle card junkie, and for years I have been doing oracle and tarot card readings for myself, family members, and close friends. I’m super-excited to announce that I am now offering professional intuitive oracle card readings as a certified Fairyologist! I recently went through Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist program, and it was such an amazing experience! If you’re interested in a personal reading, you can get one by clicking on the “Order Here” tab. You can choose a fairy, mermaid, or unicorn reading, or try an in-depth 10-12 card Fairy Tarot reading!

Card of the Day – May 7, 2016


Choose to focus on the positive things today! Have you ever noticed that when you ruminate on negative situations or obsess about all of the little things that seem to go wrong in your life that things just continue to get worse? This snowball effect can work the same way in reverse! When you focus on the good things that are happening (especially the smallest things), you automatically manifest happiness. Be grateful for the things that make you smile – focus on the positive!


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