Enchanted Forecast for June 26th – July 2nd 2016

This week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.IMG_20160626_103056.jpgEight of Autumn: The studious fairy and her wise mentor in this picture have appeared in this week’s reading to tell you it’s time to learn something new! If you’ve been contemplating going back to school in order to switch careers, don’t wait any longer! Apply to the program you’ve dreaming about, sign up for classes, fill out applications…whatever you have to do to get the ball rolling. If you need some guidance, consult a career planner at the university or technical school you’re interested in. Fall and winter semesters aren’t too far away (summer has a tendency to fly by), so now is the time to start preparing. If you’re not interested in a career change right now, enroll in a local or online class that’s caught your attention. That’s right…take a class for fun! Sometimes a new class or educational program can help you realize a life purpose or new-found passion. See where it takes you! ♥

Have a magical week! -K


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Kelly Lingen Mahieu at Mimosa Books & Gifts!

Kelly Lingen Mahieu is not only an employee at Mimosa Books & Gifts in downtown Madison, WI – she’s now doing psychic readings there from time to time as well!

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A certified Fairyologist, Kelly Mahieu can help you connect with the nature angels that are right here on Earth! By scanning your energy field, Kelly can tell you more about your very own elemental guides (fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and more), and relay the messages they wish for you to have at this time through an oracle or tarot card reading. Find joy, magic, and healing, and learn more about how you, too, can work with the fairy realm through an intuitive fairy reading! In addition to a personal reading, you will receive a special stone or crystal to help you deepen your connection with nature and elemental energy. Kelly has studied tarot and a number of different oracles for over 20 years. Because Kelly has always been drawn to elemental energy, she recently studied under Doreen Virtue to become a certified Fairyologist. In addition to her love for the nature angels, she also loves the mineral kingdom! Kelly is a Master Crystologist, having completed Melody’s Levels I & II Laying on of Hands, Laying on of Stones workshops, as well as studying under Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy and DaEl Walker. Her knowledge of healing crystals and stones combined with her love for the fairy realm creates a reading experience unlike any other.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Kelly for a reading at Mimosa, please call (608)256-5432. Mimosa is located in downtown  Madison at 260 W. Gilman Street.


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Enchanted Forecast for June 19th – 25th 2016

IMG_20160619_182432.jpgThis week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you from Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish.

IMG_20160619_182620.jpgStar Dust: This fairy comes up in a reading when more information is needed to move forward. Definitely follow your gut instincts in regards to a new endeavor you’re pursuing, but ask for guidance as well. The fairy realm, the angelic realm, your ancestors, and other spirit guides are waiting in the wings (no pun intended) to help you. But you must ask. Pray for a light to help lead the way in what could possibly be a truly incredible beginning to something big.

IMG_20160619_182559Follow Me: You are personally invited to enter the kingdom of the fairies, and what an honor this is! Fairies bring abundance, prosperity, good health, and blessings to those individuals that attempt to connect with them – but only if that someone is coming to them with a pure heart, with no expectations and no hidden agendas. The veil to their world is thin right now, and it’s the perfect time to catch a glimpse of their world, to experience their magic. If you do not believe, however, the invitation they are extending to you will disappear. The fairies wish to help you so let them! They know what it is you desire and will help you attain it if you are honest, kind, and true. ♥

IMG_20160619_182534Three Graces: What an awesome card to end this reading with! A collaborative project can be a beautiful thing – and you know who it is you would like to have on your side when it comes to work and play. Someone that you’ve been wanting to partner up with on a new venture is totally on board! Make sure your voice is heard in regards to this project, but be a good listener, too. Part of working with someone else is learning how to cooperate, share, and communicate with them. You can do this, and your fairy guides want you to know that they will be there to support you and your partnerships every step of the way.

Have a magical week! ♥ -K


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Enchanted Forecast June 12th – 18th, 2016

IMG_20160612_193942This week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck.

IMG_20160612_194016Dream Big: That’s right! Don’t ever settle. Dream big…bigger. Visualize what it is you want for your life right down to the smallest detail. This is especially true for you if you’re not satisfied with the type of work you’re doing right now. Maybe you dream of owning your own business, changing careers, or going back to school to pursue your dream job. Send your dream out there to the Universe, to God/Goddess, and then go after it like there’s no tomorrow. Work hard, commit yourself to turning your dream into a reality, and BELIEVE that it’s already happening.

IMG_20160612_194102Consult an Expert: This card directly carries over from the first one. Part of pursuing our dreams often involves consulting those that have pioneered the way for us. You can consult experts by reading books, doing online research, taking classes, or working with a mentor. Experts can give us a huge amount of helpful and useful information because they’ve been there. Besides that, you can shorten the path to your dreams by learning from the mistakes of others, too.

IMG_20160612_194136Treasure Chest: Doesn’t this card make your heart smile? This card is an outcome card, and quite honestly, the word “unforeseen” doesn’t apply here if you take a look at the two cards before it.  A and B = C. When you pursue what you truly love – your dream – and you do it with honesty, integrity, and hard work (hard doesn’t have to mean awful work!), abundance will directly follow. It’s much easier to be successful and to be prosperous when you love what it is you’re doing. You can do anything. The Universe is here to guide you, support you, and help you make your dreams come true.

 Have a magical week! ♥ -KFairyologist-logo

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Enchanted Forecast June 5th – June 11th 2016

IMG_20160607_204011This week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you again from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies deck. Although the week has already started, perhaps you’ll be able to see how this reading applies to you. It will be especially helpful if you are facing some challenges!

IMG_20160607_203942Be Honest with Yourself. If you’re off to a rocky start this week due to a challenging situation – especially a work related one – it may be the Universe nudging you in a different direction. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave, but perhaps you need to figure out if there’s anything you can do to better the situation by making a change. This can be a change within yourself, or a change in how you react when the going gets rough. Be honest with yourself about the role you might play in the problem, and how you can possibly be your own solution. This can also apply to a relationship. How are you helping it? How might you be harming it? Change can be as simple as taking on a new positive attitude, it can be cutting loose what no longer serves your highest good, or it can be walking away. That answer lies within, and can only be found if you’re honest with you.

IMG_20160607_203930Kindness. Your fairy guides want you to know that a little kindness can go a long way. This carries over from the previous card in a big way. If you’re confronted with a challenging person or situation, kindness might be the key to resolving the issue at hand. Sometimes it’s hard to be kind when you feel someone doesn’t deserve it, or if you’re feeling bad on the inside- but kindness can often be contagious. When you’re kind, when you go the extra mile for someone (even someone who hasn’t been kind to you), you’ll often find that it’s reciprocated. And if it isn’t…well at least you’ll know that you tried, and the high road is much better way to travel than the gutters, right?

IMG_20160607_203903I love this card! What a great note to end on. Creative Expression. Take any and all frustrations you have this week and use them to fuel your creativity. Paint, draw, color, write, sculpt…whatever! You don’t have to be Michelangelo – just channel him for a bit! You can create your own work of art, and doing so can be a very healing experience, indeed. Express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in your work and you’ll find something very beautiful in the end. ♥



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