Enchanted Forecast June 5th – June 11th 2016

IMG_20160607_204011This week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you again from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies deck. Although the week has already started, perhaps you’ll be able to see how this reading applies to you. It will be especially helpful if you are facing some challenges!

IMG_20160607_203942Be Honest with Yourself. If you’re off to a rocky start this week due to a challenging situation – especially a work related one – it may be the Universe nudging you in a different direction. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave, but perhaps you need to figure out if there’s anything you can do to better the situation by making a change. This can be a change within yourself, or a change in how you react when the going gets rough. Be honest with yourself about the role you might play in the problem, and how you can possibly be your own solution. This can also apply to a relationship. How are you helping it? How might you be harming it? Change can be as simple as taking on a new positive attitude, it can be cutting loose what no longer serves your highest good, or it can be walking away. That answer lies within, and can only be found if you’re honest with you.

IMG_20160607_203930Kindness. Your fairy guides want you to know that a little kindness can go a long way. This carries over from the previous card in a big way. If you’re confronted with a challenging person or situation, kindness might be the key to resolving the issue at hand. Sometimes it’s hard to be kind when you feel someone doesn’t deserve it, or if you’re feeling bad on the inside- but kindness can often be contagious. When you’re kind, when you go the extra mile for someone (even someone who hasn’t been kind to you), you’ll often find that it’s reciprocated. And if it isn’t…well at least you’ll know that you tried, and the high road is much better way to travel than the gutters, right?

IMG_20160607_203903I love this card! What a great note to end on. Creative Expression. Take any and all frustrations you have this week and use them to fuel your creativity. Paint, draw, color, write, sculpt…whatever! You don’t have to be Michelangelo – just channel him for a bit! You can create your own work of art, and doing so can be a very healing experience, indeed. Express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in your work and you’ll find something very beautiful in the end. ♥



Copyright © 2016 Kelly Lingen



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