Enchanted Forecast June 12th – 18th, 2016

IMG_20160612_193942This week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck.

IMG_20160612_194016Dream Big: That’s right! Don’t ever settle. Dream big…bigger. Visualize what it is you want for your life right down to the smallest detail. This is especially true for you if you’re not satisfied with the type of work you’re doing right now. Maybe you dream of owning your own business, changing careers, or going back to school to pursue your dream job. Send your dream out there to the Universe, to God/Goddess, and then go after it like there’s no tomorrow. Work hard, commit yourself to turning your dream into a reality, and BELIEVE that it’s already happening.

IMG_20160612_194102Consult an Expert: This card directly carries over from the first one. Part of pursuing our dreams often involves consulting those that have pioneered the way for us. You can consult experts by reading books, doing online research, taking classes, or working with a mentor. Experts can give us a huge amount of helpful and useful information because they’ve been there. Besides that, you can shorten the path to your dreams by learning from the mistakes of others, too.

IMG_20160612_194136Treasure Chest: Doesn’t this card make your heart smile? This card is an outcome card, and quite honestly, the word “unforeseen” doesn’t apply here if you take a look at the two cards before it.  A and B = C. When you pursue what you truly love – your dream – and you do it with honesty, integrity, and hard work (hard doesn’t have to mean awful work!), abundance will directly follow. It’s much easier to be successful and to be prosperous when you love what it is you’re doing. You can do anything. The Universe is here to guide you, support you, and help you make your dreams come true.

 Have a magical week! ♥ -KFairyologist-logo

Copyright © 2016 Kelly Lingen/Lingen Oracles


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