Enchanted Forecast for June 19th – 25th 2016

IMG_20160619_182432.jpgThis week’s Enchanted Forecast comes to you from Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish.

IMG_20160619_182620.jpgStar Dust: This fairy comes up in a reading when more information is needed to move forward. Definitely follow your gut instincts in regards to a new endeavor you’re pursuing, but ask for guidance as well. The fairy realm, the angelic realm, your ancestors, and other spirit guides are waiting in the wings (no pun intended) to help you. But you must ask. Pray for a light to help lead the way in what could possibly be a truly incredible beginning to something big.

IMG_20160619_182559Follow Me: You are personally invited to enter the kingdom of the fairies, and what an honor this is! Fairies bring abundance, prosperity, good health, and blessings to those individuals that attempt to connect with them – but only if that someone is coming to them with a pure heart, with no expectations and no hidden agendas. The veil to their world is thin right now, and it’s the perfect time to catch a glimpse of their world, to experience their magic. If you do not believe, however, the invitation they are extending to you will disappear. The fairies wish to help you so let them! They know what it is you desire and will help you attain it if you are honest, kind, and true. ♥

IMG_20160619_182534Three Graces: What an awesome card to end this reading with! A collaborative project can be a beautiful thing – and you know who it is you would like to have on your side when it comes to work and play. Someone that you’ve been wanting to partner up with on a new venture is totally on board! Make sure your voice is heard in regards to this project, but be a good listener, too. Part of working with someone else is learning how to cooperate, share, and communicate with them. You can do this, and your fairy guides want you to know that they will be there to support you and your partnerships every step of the way.

Have a magical week! ♥ -K


Copyright © 2016 Kelly Lingen/Lingen Oracles



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