Enchanted Forecast for July 3rd – July 9th 2016

Your Enchanted Forecast for the week of July 3rd – July 9th 2016 comes to you from Doreen Virtue’s Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. IMG_20160703_170136IMG_20160703_170112Peer Pressure – Primula/Primose: “Don’t let others coerce you into a decision. You know in your heart what the right choice is.” This card represents where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced. It’s easy to let others tell us what the best decision or choice is, especially when we feel our own wisdom or experience is lacking. This card indicates that over time, you’ve learned to trust your own inner voice, your gut feelings or instincts. It doesn’t mean, though, that you cave into peer pressure from time to time. We all want to be loved and accepted by others, so there may be times when we fail to do what is in our own best interest – instead making a choice that will please someone else. Remember that in order to gain acceptance and love, we must first accept and love ourselves! Do what you know in your heart to be right, and the rest will work itself out the way it’s supposed to. ♥

IMG_20160703_170048You are Healed – Calendula/Pot Marigold: “The healing you’ve prayed for is on its way.” What a beautiful message from your spirit guides! If you’re working on self-healing and self-love right now due to past traumas or plain ‘ole self-neglect, the healing energy and love you’ve prayed for is on its way to you now. Know that while you may not forget the things that have hurt you (be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual traumas), you can become stronger for having experiencing them. That strength serves as a beacon of light to others! Remember the old saying, “This, too, shall pass.” Healing light surrounds you now and you are free to move forward on your journey.

IMG_20160703_165949Sign from Heaven – Protea: “Your loved ones in spirit are waving hello and giving you reassurance that you’ll be all right.” This is a beautiful message for you this week. If you’re missing someone who has passed on from this physical world, know that they are looking out for you. Perhaps much of that healing energy you’ve been praying for is coming from your guardian ancestors! Those we have loved and lost are not really gone. Their spirits stay on forever. They want you to know that you are loved, protected, and safe…and you’re never alone. Your loved ones are always with you. ♥

Have a magical week! -K


Copyright © 2016 Kelly Lingen Mahieu/Lingen Oracles


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