Enchanted Forecast July 10th – July 16th 2016

Your Enchanted Forecast for the week of July 10th – July 16th comes to you from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies deck.IMG_20160711_145707.jpgIMG_20160711_145644.jpgDetoxification: The first message from the fairies is an important one. It is essential that you eliminate from your life that which no longer serves your highest good. This means that you really need to shed negative people, bad habits, or toxic situations that are weighing you down. Even when things or other people aren’t good for us, they can be hard to let go of. Pray for assistance, guidance, and help if you need it – and remember that the spirit world is here to support you when you make positive changes. The rewards will be great in the end, and you’ll be much happier and healthier for letting go of any negativity.

IMG_20160711_145620.jpgMagic of Nature: Nature IS pure magic, and if you spend more time trying to connect with animals, trees, flowers, rocks, water, and all that exists there – you’ll find yourself transforming into a more positive and healthy being! Go outside already! Take a walk, sit under a shady tree, or go for a relaxing swim! Immerse yourself in the beauty and calm of nature this week and experience the magic firsthand. It’s there if you believe.

IMG_20160711_145555.jpgHonoring Your True Feelings: Do you say “yes” to everyone else and “no” to yourself” most of the time? Do you toss aside your wants and needs to make sure everyone else is happy? Do you avoid making decisions that are in your favor because you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, STOP. If you don’t honor your true feelings and desires when doing so would fulfill your highest good, you’re making a grave mistake. Ignoring what feels right for you only means that anger, resentment, and/or bitterness are surely lurking on the horizon. Listen to your inner voice when it’s reminding you that you have wants and needs that need tending to, and honor your feelings no matter what the situation. It’s okay to say “no” to others if you feel compelled to do so, and don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty about that (especially if the one making you feel guilty is YOU!).

Have a magical week! -K♥


Copyright © 2016 Kelly Lingen Mahieu/Lingen Oracles




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