NAMI Healing Art Show 2017

NAMI 2017B

Last year’s Healing Art Show through NAMI was a huge success! It took place at Lakeside Street Coffee House in Madison, Wisconsin, and it was nothing short of a festive event! Food, live music, lots and lots of art, and a big turn-out made for a very special evening, indeed.

My print, entitled Manic (Mixed-State)  was featured at the show, and two additional prints from the same series (Euphoric and Angry) were featured in the 2017 NAMI Healing Art Show Brochure.

I’m really looking forward to the 2018 show, waiting to hear back if the work I submitted will be featured. Fingers crossed!

More photos from last year’s event with some of my favorite supporters!

My sister Erin…

NAMI 2017C

One of my best friends – Mike!

NAMI 2017A

Copyright © 2018 Kelly Lingen / Lingen Oracles


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